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Charity Exhibition - Photography @Pedralbes Centre (Barcelona)

Djamal Benmokhtar. Photo exhibition from August 27th to September 17th (Pedralbes Centre, Av. Diagonal 610, Barcelona). Part of the benefits will be donated to the NGO Casal dels Infants del Raval ( Protected content ).
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Djamal Benmokhtar (Algeria, Protected content , French photographer based in Barcelona since Protected content . His interest in understanding other cultures and ways of life led him to settle between Paraguay and Argentina ( Protected content ). Back in Europe, he contacted with MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres) and, in collaboration with them, travelled to Nicaragua for humanitarian efforts after the devastation sown by Hurricane Mitch Protected content . After this mission, he returned to Paris where he began his collaboration with Aviation without Borders. With them he travelled to Angola, where he held various missions in the context of the war between UNITA and the MPLA Protected content .
Catholic mother and Muslim father, he decides to get to know Algeria, his homeland, to better understand an important part of his history and culture. Thanks to his stay in Algiers ( Protected content ), his first photographic work was borned: "Algerie, mon amour" which was exhibited in Protected content the Lille Transphotographiques.
Through his photographs, Djamal seeks to capture the attitudes, traits and expressions that define people and to show everything that fascinates him, that makes him curious, that excites him: the reality of a country and its people, the day to day of those surrounding him, the colors, the lights, the symmetries that the environment provides and sometimes we miss without even appreciate them. Djamal, with his pictures, basically seeks to be closer to the people, closer to their reality.

- Selected for XVII Visa pour l'image, Perpignan to participate in the Visa Off with his work: "Birmanie: Le Quotidien sous la dictature" Protected content .
-Exhibition "Myanmar & Vietnam: 2 ways to democracy" & "Big is Blue", at Pedralbes Centre, Barcelona Protected content .
- Exhibition "Atura't", at COCO-MAT, Barcelona Protected content .
- Exhibition "Burma or Myanmar?" At Club de Natació Barcelona, Barcelona Protected content .
- Exhibition "Algerie, mon amour", at Transphotographiques, Lille Protected content .
- First prize "Black and White", School of Architecture of Barcelona Protected content .

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