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Comedy group (Barcelona)


just a quick note to inform you that I have set up a group within Barcelona Internations called International comedy in Spain. It is primarily a bit of fun, as the Internations collective involves so many cultures and senses of humour i just thought it would be interesting to find out what makes you giggle with topics like your favourite comedy movie, performance, whether you like Spanish comedy, Is culture relevant, you know interesting yet hilarious stuff.
Living in the age of links it is also a place for leaving your favorite ones. We also hope it can be a place where people can klearn how to get involved in performing and seeing comedy locally. last year I produced the first ever English language Edinburgh comedy show to come from barcelona. It was great fun and a massive experience for 4 ordinary Expats who were sitting around BCN. There are Improv groups, regular live performances, etc, etc
The Barcelona International Comedy festival is an open invitation festival and the World's first multilingual comedy festival, how can you take part, stuff like that.
But most of all it would be great if you could join and interact and share the giggles

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