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feedback on salary/cost of living q (Barcelona)


Hi there - I have been offered a job in a school in Barcelona which is very exciting, but the salary in USD (I am from Boston, Mass, USA) is significantly lower than what I would earn here at home. I am told that the salary offered to me is actually quite good in EURO and in terms of living in Barcelona, but I am looking for more opinions/advice about what my lifestyle may be like on it. I would appreciate your feedback here.

The proposed salary is about 41,500 EURO.

My main concern is being able to travel a bit in Spain and abroad to neighboring countries, while still being able to put some away into savings.

I realize that this is also partly a lifestyle CHOICE that I would have to adjust to in order to meet my savings goals (in other words, maybe I could NOT travel as much!), but in general, in terms of the cost of living in Barcelona, is this a good salary? What would be its equivalent in the United States?


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