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International comedy in spain group rebirth (Barcelona)

I set up this group on internations some time ago and let it slide as actual comedy projects like the Barcelona comedy festival took over. The idea of the group is to bring together people of all nationalities and share what it is that makes us laugh.
In the Barcelona festival in November we had exceptional performers and shows in 7 different languages and although some shows struggled with audience attendences we are happy with its development and believe barcelona can be a hub for multilingual live comedy.

The group is also primarily a place where people interested in performing comedy no matter what the genre and no matter what the level be they RADA trained or open mic er can connect.
We have been contacted by several people at the close of Protected content in starting a regular comedy variety night and this is something that we wish to develop this year.

In October there is the best workshop in comedy taking place in the city as Logan Murray returns to weave his magic. His last vistit directly inspired sporadic performances and ultimately the first ever Stand Up show to go to the edinburgh festival from Spain. Michael Kossew who stumbled upon that course has since become a full time comic gigging regularly in London's comedy store and will take his own solo show to Edinburgh this year!!

We want to organise regular comedy movie viewing group and would hope it could materialise within this group.

Most of all the group should be fun. so get interactive, create a topic, give an opinion, share a joke or a link, whatever.
To encourage this interaction and to see if we can't stir this group into action the Giggling Guiri will offer exclusive mega discounts for anyone who makes a post on the site.

It begins with the 3 shows of the wonderful patrick Monahan next week. 28 & 29 in Barcelona and 30th in madrid.

Normal price €17 Contributors to group just €12
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