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Internations’ conversation exchange Group (Barcelona)

What about creating an Internations’ conversation exchange group?

It can be great fun!! If you want to share your English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, German, Catalan,... and you want to improve your skills in any other language this can be the opportunity you were looking for.
I guess that many people can be interested. Then, why not give it a try! We can make it happen!!!! We can share great moments altogether (laughing a lot) while improving some of our languages skills.

If you want to participate, post it on the forum or send me an email to Protected content stating your native language, the languages you speak as well as the ones you want to practice. Don’t forget to indicate your level.

Lately, I read an article that said:
“The key to making a language work for you is taking a thorough approach. Once you have attained a high enough standard, you must work hard to maintain it. Remember, if you don’t use it, you lose it! This necessitates extra effort outside of the work environment, to avoid it becoming a dormant and unused skill on your CV. Preferred methods vary from person to person and can be tailored to your interests. Enrolling on a conversation exchange group can be an enjoyable way to practice and meet like-minded people, whilst other options include watching films and reading novels in the original language”…


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