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Kitchen Crashers BARCELONA ... (Barcelona)

Hi Inter Nations Barcelona

its me Monika from NYC but based now in magical BARCELONA

Found interesting group thru someone who contacted me ... & sorta sounds like what I proposed b4 but they r good w/words & 2 point... B great if we can have this thru all IN so when traveling hey we have same group every city/ continent ... Kitchen CrashersNYC Kitchen Crashers London Kitchen Crashers Singapore ect....

FOOD & FRIENDSHIP ... picnics in various places parks, beach , hopefully Ur kitchens /homes ... make more personable & smaller obviously since someones home but U get idea Maybe share fav place 2 eat like unknown off tourist map place that is great food & 4 everyones budget.

I like Kitchen Crashers as Secret Dinner Club is so BORING & STUFFY

So here look what Prague Group has posted & I thought share as its same idea:

Welcome to the Prague Secret Dinner Club, in its newly reincarnated form - 'Kitchen Crashers Prague'!

As all things in life evolve, we wanted to try out a new underground dining concept to bring us all together on a more frequent basis, to break bread and forge new friendships. Instead of restaurants now, we will invite you to our own kitchen and invite you all to 'host' at your own respective kitchens. Events will be limited to a maximum of 12 people to ensure for proper crowd control. Depending on the theme and host, guests will be asked to either contribute monetarily or in the form of food or drink which will allow for participation for every budget!

Let me know what ya think

Moni = )

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