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Looking To Move To Barcelona

My girlfriend and I are looking to move to Barcelona within the next year and I'm trying to find some advice on how exactly to best go about pursuing this course.

Basic information: I'm 28 years old, American, and I've been living in Russia for more than 3 years as an English teacher. She's 24, Russian, and is also an English teacher, though she holds a University qualification but no TEFL certification. Neither of us speaks Spanish very well, but it's something we're currently working on.

She's okay continuing to teach, but she's wanting something with a flexible schedule similar to the way she works now, mostly teaching private students.

As for me, I'm open to continuing to teach English for some time, but I'm ultimately looking to change career fields as I've learned in recent months that teaching isn't something I see myself doing for the rest of my life. I'm interested in changing to the field of civil engineering, and as I understand it's possible to get started in this field without qualification, though I'm currently pursuing an online degree.

I have confidence she'll not have any troubles finding work, but if anyone could give some advice about either her situation or my own, which I'm a bit more worried about. Does anyone know of any civil engeering companies in Barcelona that might take on employees just getting started in the field?

Thanks a ton in advance!

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