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Master in Marketing/Communication (in Barcelona)

Dear Internationals,

I am looking for a good Master's programme in Barcelona, preferably in the Marketing or Communications field. The University of Barcelona offers the UB-specific course "Business Communication" (comunicación empresarial). Does anyone know how this "specific" (propio) title is considered amoungst HR representatives of companies? I understand that it is not the officially acknowledged degree Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Science (MSc) and but the "Máster en Comunicación Empresarial por la Universitat de Barcelona". This is the programme: Protected content

Apart from that I would like to know if anyone already has a degree in this Master (or is currently enrolled) and would like to share their experience with me:

- What do you think of it?
- Is it worth the high tuition fee?
- Do/Did you feel treated well as a student by the University?
- What are the courses like? Is it ex-cathedra teaching or are the students actively involved?

I am also most grateful regarding any advice or ideas you might generally have regarding a Master in Marketing/Communication in Barcelona.

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards,

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