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Money transfer from Turkey to Spain (Barcelona)

Hello. I have just moved to Barcelona from Turkey. And I am also a new member here. I have tried to search forums but still need more information about money transfers. Ok, first things first:

1- I have a non-working residence permit. So I had to show some money on my bank account (in Turkey) to get the residence
2- I have tried to open a bank account (Sabadell, La Caixa and BBVA) until now but no luck. They always need some sort of documentation even to put a few thousand euros. Only BBVA agrees to open an account but with a quite high commision
3- I will have to make a bank transfer of a huge amount at some point from Turkey to Spain (if I manage to get a bank account here) to buy an apartment with my savings in Turkey. But at this point, they want to know where the money comes from whereas I cant get any documents to prove that they were my savings.

I would like to know if any of you has confronted such a situation and offer any kind of help.

Thanks in advance

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