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Music Room to rent and work (Barcelona)

Hi my name is Craig Watson, i have just moved to Barcelona 1 month ago, iam staying with my fiancee Malex who is Venezuelan but has residency here in Spain, we are staying in a friends flat while he is in Venezuela putting on exhabitions for his artwork, but he returns on the 25th of December and although Malex will have somwhere to stay at a friends i wont, i have a job lined up starting in Jan but my interview to attain my NIE is not until The 8th of jan so i wont get paid until Feb, i have enough to rent a room until we have enough to get our own flat but i cant see that happening until april may, so if anyone has or knows of a room to rent please let me know via e-mail which i will put at the end of this.
I am also looking for work of any length and kind, i have had my own landscape gardening business and painting and decorating business when i lived in Scotland, i also renovated a chateau courtyard and 3 story house in the Loire Vally in Central France for a year so if any one need any house renovation work done please feel free to ask and i can see what i can do, Phew, ok still with me lol.
Also I lived in Ireland for the last 3 years, Kinsale to be exact before moving here to Barcelona and i had a very active music scene going over there, i have noticed that the scene is´nt as vibrant here but i have already managed to gain the opportunity of some paid gigs here in Manressa ans Artes, I am looking for other musicians that are in the ilk of traditional, folk, blues music preferences to get together with and make some music so if any of you out there fancy getting together for a sing song then e-mail me at Protected content also my phone number here is Protected content .
i look forward to recieving any guidance from you guys out there and also for this music oppotunity to start rolling ;)

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