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In November controversy reigned at Barcelona's ubercool live REAL storytelling night as we experienced our first heckler at VENT!
Its a FREE storytelling night, you just don´t expect them. the stories SHOULD last no longer than 15 mins, if the one you are listening to doesn´t appeal just sit tight there will be something completely different in a few mins, but one person got impatient. Funny thing the situation was immediately and instinctively policed by the crowd who in their solidarity demonstrated people are really beginning to feel part of the intimacy of this night. Could we be seeing the emergence of the CULT OF VENT!! :)

It also demonstrated and highlighted 2 other things:

VENT! is a completely unpredictable live event, every week and with every story anything is possible. There is an essence in this room
and the other...
the heckler was a lady and the surprise being that at an event where the majority of the audiences so far have all being ladies only VENT!s own organiser Steph has stepped up to the mic with a story from the fairer sex.

Well the realisation made for much accusations and throwing of gauntlets and we are delighted to announce our first new female VENTers will step up this month.
More details to follow but get planning to be there early 8pm sharp (we are getting busier!) The warmest atmosphere in Barcelona this winter, if you haven´t been go there its quite different
Tell all the people they´ll thank you for it

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December 11 at 8pm sharp

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