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No Construction notice from landlord - HELP (Barcelona)

My Girlfriend and I recently moved to Barcelona in October. We found finding a flat to be rather difficult and unfortunately for us found out the hard way that even reputable agents will take advantage of Expats and those with a language barrier.
Long story short they have recently started doing some pretty heavy construction (constant drilling and cement work and hammering) in the until above. At first we thought this was just a quick repair. It has gone for 3 weeks. Finally I asked the workers the other day how long they would be and was notified that it would be 5 months. Our flat and building is a construction site. Impossible to be at the unit while they are working.

My question here is, we were given no notice of this. We just signed the lease and find it hard to believe that this was not planned prior to us moving in, and we were simply not notified as the owner was in a rush to try to fill the flat (as we later found out unfortunately) . As tenants, what are our rights? What can we do. It is a nightmare presently and any help would be great!

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