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Price to rent a 1 BR flat in Barcelona


Hola everyone. I am moving to Barco in a few months. I have always wanted to live abroad and I am finally going to do it!

I have been researching prices to rent and they are all over the place. For instance, this one is only €350 per month.

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Craigslist had been taken over by scammers so I assume this is not real. Nice looking place, though.

Here is a nice furnished place for €1000.

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I plan to travel a lot, so don't want to spend too much on rent. A lot of the flats appear to be furnished. But if I rented unfurnished it appears that the price to furnish it would not be too high.

Please help me set expectations for myself. What should I expect to pay for a modest flat in a safe and quiet part of Barco?

Thanks - Chris

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