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Recommendation for Agency (Barcelona)

I am posting this in hopes that it may be of help to someone that might be in the same position I was in.

A couple of months ago I posted here looking for advice or help in finding an apartment in BCN. The challenge was that I needed to find an apartment for when I arrived in BCN with my girlfriend and baby. This meant finding a suitable furnished apartment, someone I could trust and handling all the paperwork without being in BCN.

I decided to look for a furnished short-term lease and once in BCN I would check out the neighborhoods and decide what was best for us and then get a long-term apartment there.

We focused more on the interior of the apartment than in the neighborhood for our short-term lease. (Of course, it would have to be a safe place and still in the city.)

We also needed the apartment to have Internet because of my work.

We found Claudia at EnjoyBCN ( Protected content ) and were able to do everything via phone, emails and wire transfers. Their agency fee was very reasonable and we were able to wire this to secure our apartment. When we arrived we were to give the deposit (one month’s rent) and the first month’s rent. Claudia replied quickly to our emails and was always very professional.

I am very happy with our three-bedroom apartment (and it has 1.5 baths!) and I hope we can find something similar in our long-term lease. As far as décor, it is simple but nice. I definitely prefer this to some of the very busy and overdone apartments I have seen for rent. We are not as close to the water as I would like but we are about 20 minutes (walking) from Sagrada Familia.

Not everything was perfect but, having done many moves, it was still above average.

These were the hiccups:
Internet speed is slow (too slow for YouTube and some VOIP hardware) so I am going to have to find a fix on my own. I work from home so Internet speed is important to me. (Because this is a short-term lease the owner does not want to spend the money for a faster connection.)

We received the wrong address for the apartment and we did not know this until we went looking for an address that did not exist. This may sound trivial but we filed and paid for a change of address in Paris (about 55 Euros) and we had shipped some of our goods to the address given to us. To correct this we had to file a change of address in BCN (almost 60 Euros for this but we were reimbursed by the agency for their mistake). We are now receiving our mail at the new address but we are still waiting on our boxes.

We expected this to be totally move-in ready but it turned out not to come with sheets. Unfortunately, most of our beds sheets are in the boxes we shipped.

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