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Recruiters in Barcelona?


Hello, I posted a thread a few months back but did not get any feedback for the forum, so I will try again.

How do you find work in Spain once you are legally able to work and a resident??

I hold a current NIE and have an awesome resume (Sr. PM with 14 years of experience in IT and for companies like Microsoft, Starbucks Corp. Wells Fargo, Virgin, etc..) but after months of searching, I am finding it difficult to find any kind of work in Barcelona (as well as Madrid, Valencia, and Zaragoza), I even started looking outside of Spain for contract work just to bring some money in.

So I have introduced myself to recruiting firms, sent a gazillion CVs via Infojobs, Monster.Es, and via Linked in and NADA! Not a single response or courtesy email declining my application. I realize that the are crazy times and the economy is not what it is to be, but seriously, is it this tough??

Any help, suggestions, or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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