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Renting an Apartment/Signing a lease in Barcelona

Hi all

Can you recommend any trustworthy individuals or property managers or sites that you 100% trust to rent apartments through? I've heard there are some shenanigans that go on when you are a foreigner who tries to get an apartment in Spain (no surprise it's the same in Italy where I lived-which is why I had a local do the negotiating for me), and, of course, in any country there are slumlords and bad landlords who sometimes take deposits, don't fix things in apartments, or in general are just bad people. I like to avoid these people at all costs so I rely on personal recommendations from various sources (I do the same at home in the U.S)

I'm looking to rent a 2 bedroom at a reasonable price in a convenient area (near metro station) and would like a list of orgs/people I should be contacting to work through

I would be looking for a furnished place and I'd be looking to start in January, so I have a little time to see places/meet people in the meantime



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