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Seeking Freelance Sales people paid on commission (Barcelona)

Dear all interested people,

A Dutch company is introducing the SES - masks in all Spanish- and Portuguese speaking countries. SES stands for Safe Escape Solution masks and it saves people from the deadly monoxide fumes and poisionous gasses in fire hazardous situations.
Perfect to sell to hotels, restaurants, kitchens, office buildings, factories, garages, old peoples homes, hospitals even as this filter stops also deadly gasses of Chloric and Ammoniac combinations; it would be a good safety tool for swimming pool maintenancers.

SES masks is to be sold to companies. Seller will receive good commission on each one sold. Perfect job for any spare time you might have in Barcelona, Spain or anywhere else in the world.
If you have interesting leads outside this region, you are more then welcome to sell the Masks in your own region / country as well. SES Masks BV we go worldwide.
Interested? Like to have more information? Get in touch with me at Protected content . Thanks, look forward to hear from you. Bart

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