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Single mom looking for work Barcelona

Hi! I`m very happy to have found this place!
I`m looking into moving back to Spain. I lived in Barcelona and Girona, during almost 8 years, my son was born in Salt and we came back to Mexico 3 years ago.
My 6 year old son and I will move to Mataró, around July or August.
Given the fact that I am alone with my son, I need a job that I can do during the normal school hours, online, etc. I am a translator, yoga teacher for kids, Shantala facilitator, bread maker, etc.
PLEASE, if anyone can help me I would truly appreciate it. I know the situation is hard right now and I will be trying my best to find something that can give us the economic tranquility we need, not to live with luxuries, but to live in peace.
Thank you very much!

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