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Spian or Scandanavion Based PR Freelancer (Barcelona)

Hello, a US-based organization has contacted me looking for some contacts for PR experts who could do some freelance work. It is a global health organization that is rolling out what promises to be high-profile research findings in March. The client wants strong media coverage in various markets. The client seems to be rather smitten with the idea of getting someone in Scandanavia to cover Norway, Sweden, Denmark, maybe Holland.

Spain is another market they’d like to cover.

Do you know anyone in either spot who could do PR freelancing work, has strong contacts among health-related press, and is somewhat used to working with nonprofits? The news here is data-/research-driven – so somebody’s got to be able to geek out on data a bit.

The person can just cover Spain, just cover Scandanavia, or be able to do both. The client can hire people for Spain and Scandanavia separately if necessary.

This project would take part of someone's time late January - through middle of March.

Also, note they must speak english as the client is English-speaking.

If you know of anyone interested, please have them email me a short note with info on:
- where they are located, and if an expat how long in the country
- any background they think pertinent to health industry and media covering health industry that is NOT in their CV
- what languages they speak that are relevant to Scandanavia and Spain markets
- a link to their website or attach a CV

I will forward these onto the hiring people for review, and then be out of the loop!
Email: Protected content

Thank you!!

All the best,
Cassandra Nelson

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