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The 21st Century Meditation (conference) (Barcelona)

We are pleased to announce you our next conference: THE 21st CENTURY MEDITATION.

Several internationally renowned universities, such as Harvard and Yale, have published scientific studies concluding that meditation has definite positive health benefits; people that meditate regularly activate the left pre-frontal area of the brain, which is the base and foundation of all our positive emotions. Those who meditate also tend to have a higher sense of self-awareness, feel more present in the moment, and have a higher capacity for concentration.

In this discussion, Amaia Helguera will introduce to us the world of meditation, and how we can benefit from its effects in our day to day lives. She will explain different breathing techniques, achieving better self-awareness, and the different forms of meditation we can practice.

The conference will take place Monday, December, 3rd in the Alexandra Hotel Barcelona. You will find more details on the web.

Entry is free, but due to limited space, it is necessary to register prior to the event.

The conference will be given by Amaia Helguera, a trainer, coach, and teacher of Kundalini yoga. She is also a specialist in communication, stress management, and team building. Her company GUIAE introduces yoga and coaching to the world of business leaders and entrepreneurs.



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