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Visiting Barcelonq (Barcelona)


I will be visiting Barcelona from Oct 15 to 18 and wondering if there is any InterNation events coming up.
I found one today and am thinking of atteding to the event at the moment. I have been checking out Meetup as well, but right now there are not much scheduled yet.

If anyone else has any other party/event planned at the moment, would you care to let me know?
I want to go to a local club one night, so if anyone has any recommendation would you mind sharing with me?
Also about safety around those clubs if you can.

I am also interested in watching the game of FC Barcelona vs Valencia at the stadium on the 17th although I find quite expensive to buy a ticket and haven't bought it yet. Anyone planning to go to the stadium or planning to watch the game on tv at some bars?

Thanks for info and looking forward to seeing some of you hopefully!

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