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Young Creative Architect looking for a project... (Barcelona)

Hello ! If you are looking for high quality realistic renderings, plans, 3D modeling or or illustration... I am here ! Please check my website : Protected content

I have graduated with Distinction for diploma in Architecture from the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture, in Paris, France in Protected content . My tutors for my final project were two London based architects: Sir Peter Cook and Ricardo DeOstos. I have been working for the famous architect Will Alsop, in London, for the last two years and I am now based in Barcelona.

I am extremely creative and I have a strong experience and knowledge in 3D Modeling, using softwares such as Maya, Rhinoceros, REVIT, Cine4D or 3DSMax. I can also use the full Adobe Creative Suite.
In my final project ( published on Dezeen ), the architecture allows people to interact with, react to, and be stimulated by the spaces they inhabit. I often combine many different medias, mixing digital and hand drawing in order to best illustrate how the building would work and how the residents and community might experience the spaces and architectural forms.

I have developed most of my digital skills at the Southern Californian Institute of Architecture in September Protected content .

I am very motivated, and I know that hard work is capital for a successful project. I also enjoy working within a collaborative team environment. I am very dynamic and always eager to learn new skills as I take an extremely positive and receptive attitude to learning.

Thanks for your time !

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