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Looking for a job in Basel! Communications / Media

Hello! I'm looking for a job in Basel, which requires great knowledge of the English language. (However I do speak German, Slovak and Czech).
With my excellent attention to detail and fantastic communication skills I am able to solve problems without help. My years of journalism and management experience have given me outstanding leadership, managerial and administrative skills to run an organization efficiently.
Working closely with Project Managers, the Czech Ambassador, and interviewing a number of prominent business leaders in the Middle East has equipped me with independence, confidence and practicality.
I have traveled a great deal throughout my life and lived in different parts of the world; therefore I have gained a lot of experience in diverse cultures and environments, and due to this I am extremely open, flexible and perceptive.
If you would like to me to send you my CV or think that you could help, please do send me a message.
Thank you!

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