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Translator needed for Basel magazine, pro bono

Hello Everyone:

I'm writing on behalf of The Basel Journal, a magazine for the greater Basel area that is written in BOTH German AND English, each article side by side. It is a special project that our passionate team of journalists holds dear. We are also a new magazine to the area and are growing and changing to become the best we can be.

Currently, we are loosing our "translator". This job would require someone whose mother tongue, ideally, is English, but who is also exceptionally fluent in German and can translate articles, for every issue, from German into English. The translated material would then go to an Editor to make sure it is clean. We need someone to fill this position asap. The magazine family is currently offering our work "pro bono", (professional service without pay) as we are a start-up magazine with no initial capital. In time and because of our enthusiasm and the quality of our product, pro bono work will become otherwise.

Our team is a great mix of nationalities and languages, and always pleasant to work with. Our desire is to bond the local and the expat communities through our printed magazine and our web site, which is currently undergoing reconstruction.

We are very excited about the new web site we will unveil soon, as it will be one of the best places for links to information in the greater area! It will also create a forum for discussion and commentary. What better way to service the community you live in!

Towards our lofty goals, we invite people to participate. If you can function as a translator, or have some other skill to offer pro bono (photographer, journalist), please send an email to the following persons on copy with your request:

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