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3 bedroom apartment at Chaoyang Park available!!! (Beijing)

This is NOT an agent offer. You don't need to pay a broker fee as this is an ad posted directly by the owner - also an expat from Beijing to Hongkong. The property owner speaks English and is ready to answer any question you may have regarding this 3-bedroom Protected content . fully-furnished apartment rent offer.

The property is famous among high-end locals as a choice for self-residence rather than for investment/leasing purposes. It is very quiet and very suitable for living.

Photos: not available online. You are cordially invited to visit the apartment and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Price: RMB18,000/month (negotiable based on lease term / payment method)

Currency: accept Renminbi/USD/HKD

Minimal Lease Term: 2 years

Requirement: no pet / non smoke

Contact: Protected content email at Protected content .

General information

The property was developed by Wanke Group in Protected content . 24/7 property management services are offered by Wanke Property Management, the most reputable and leading local property management company in China. The community offers professional security service, ensuring the facilities and community are available only to its own residents.

Layout/Apartment details

Parkfront Mansion consists of 3 apartment buildings with 2 to 3-bedroom apartments. One 10-storey building consists exclusively of 3-bedroom apartments of Protected content meters. All these apartments offer both south and north view thus enabling sound air flow inside the apartment, sunlight time and scenic view. The two high rise buildings consist of 2-bedroom and 3-bed room apartments, all of which only offers view towards one given direction. See the attachaed layout picture for further details.

The apratment under this offer is a 3-bedroom apartment in the 10-story building, offering both south and north view and is preferable choice for local residents as it offers extremely sound airflow inside the apartment due to its north/south layout (南北通透), as well as sunlight time. In addition, it is located on the high floor so that it offers views of Chaoyang Park in the north as well as CBD/China World Tower 3.

The aprtment is newly decorated, fully furnished and well maintained. This will be the first time the flat is on lease so the property owner expects to lease the property only to a lessee that is highly responsible. Facilities included: WiFi/Local phone connection, Cable TV, Washer/Dryer, Microwave, Coffee maker, Central Heating, Air Conditioning, Carefully designed storage space, etc. Parking: underground - RMB600/month.


Located at the southwest corner of Chaoyang Park and Palm Spring International Apartment, it is between 3rd ring road and 4th ring road with convenient access to subway and local transportation network. See it on Baidu map: Protected content

Parkfront Mansion is conveniently connected to Subway Line 10, Line 8 and Line Protected content construction). It is 5 minutes'walk away from TSY Jingkelong Supermarket (the largest Jingkelong supermarket in Beijing) and offers convenient shopping and dining options.

Drive/taxi time to CBD/China World: 15 minutes; to Lufthansa/Lido region: 10 minutes; to Shin Kong Place/Central Place: 10 minutes; to Sanlitun/Gongti: 10 minutes.

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