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A big thanks to the community!! (Beijing)

Hi Everyone,

Well, I have been in Beijing just over a month now and I have been a member of these forums for a little longer.

I wanted to jump in and say a big thanks to everyone!! To anyone that has offered a suggestion or contributed an answer to my many questions, it has all been appreciated.

Particular thanks to Paul French, who showed me the subway is not that scary and introduced me to the Yashow market (no idea if that's spelt right but you know what I mean).

Also to Mega Yolanda who has helped us find a fish tank which my daughter will go nuts for!! Mega also drives a hard bargain and really did show us how it's done in China, we learnt a valuable lesson in barter and will hopefully be brave enough to put it to the test one day.

This community has been really friendly and helpful. I would like to get to one of the social events, my aim is for me and my wife to join you as soon as we can.

Cheers, and Merry Christmas all!


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