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About Passport, Exit & Entry Permit, and names (Beijing)

Hi there,

Here is the situation I wish I can get advice about.
I am French, my wife's Chinese, and we have a baby girl born in June. She got her French passport right away, then got her Chinese Exit & Entry Permit, allowing her to leave China.

My question is as follows:
- My daughter's French passport shows her French family name (mine) and given names only, and of course has a passport number.
- Her Exit and Entry Permit only shows her Chinese family name (her mother's) and Chinese given names (totally different from French given names), and has a specific Exit&Entry Permit number.

When making the plane ticket reservation from Beijing to wherever, which document should be used to avoid trouble when at Beijing airport: Exit & Entry permit or French passport?
And whatever the document registered with the air company, will the Immigration/Security control request the other document as an additional control, which may generate trouble since the names do not match? Only picture and date of birth do match.

If we assume we use her Exit&Entry Permit, Immigration in Beijing airport may wanna check kid has the right to enter France, which would be given by her French passport...
Thanks in advance for any advice or thoughts about this issue.


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