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About tourism in China (Beijing)

Protected content , I am a freelancer tourist guide and interpreter,have been in tourism for 7 located in Beijing.I started the career since my graduation from Beijing Foreign Studies University in Protected content worked for cruises companies and travel agencies,and later became a freelancer guide and interpreter.Now the operation of tourism is like:

travel agencies of China selling tour products(wholesalers) to retailors in China,retailors selling to travel agencies in all countries(Foreign local ones,bulk purchasers),bulk purchasers selling to basic foreign travel agencies. and these foreign travel agencies collect tourist and send them to China.Chinese travel agencies should pay for office workers,tour guides and drivers with cars. You can imagine the margine has been diluted by four or more levels of agencies,so the price would be pretty high to tourists,but at the same time,competiton in tourism and necessity to make it affordable force wholesalers to bid a seemingly reasonable or low price to tourist, but with not good service due to very low payment to tour guides, and upcoming expenses to tourists is sometimes much more than they paid for the trip.
So, after I have been in tourism for 3 years, my former clients encouraged me to have my own business.They introduced me to their friends who want to visit China to guarantee good service and save some money.I quite appreciate what they have done for me.By now, I have cooperated with middle schools,Universities,government,big companies etc.who are willing to travel in groups or with private tours.Since I have no travel agencies to work with,so I am very efficient in communication and answers to all requests.I can help you with hotel booking,vehicle renting,guiding,interpreting,building connections with Chinese sides.

If you and your friends want to come to China for travelling or business, I am very happy to assist,or if you think in certain way we can cooperate,it would be also most welcomed.

You can get in touch with me at Protected content say you see my contact on the Internation,thanks!

Julia Zhu

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