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All Second-Hand Stuff For Sale Before Leaving (Beijing)

Hi guys,

As I am leaving Beijing, I have a lot second-hand stuff including furnitures, iMac, electrical appliances etc. to offer for very good prices.

The prices of some selected stuff are listed here:

1. iMac Protected content RMB4,500
2. Electronic piano: RMB2,000
3. IKEA folding futon: RMB400
4. IKEA detachable wooden table: RMB400
5. IKEA clothes hangers*3: RMB200
6. IKEA large-sized wooden bookshelf: RMB600
7. IKEA sofas*2: RMB800
8. IKEA clothes drawers: RMB300
9. large-sized wooden study table: RMB300
10. Large-sized glass dining table: RMB300
11. double bed and mattress: RMB400
12. Matching wardrobe: RMB150
13. Wooden chairs*8: RMB240
14. Floor lamps: RMB Protected content
15. Large plastic Christmas tree with lights and decorations:RMB250
16. Fridges: RMB350 each
17. Microwave: RMB200
18. EPSON colour printer RMB550
19. Laminator machine: RMB100
20. Dell laptop Protected content RMB3000
21. Ironing board, iron and cover: RMB300
22. Large-sized carpet*2: RMB700
23. 4-level wooden shelf: RMB100
24. Full-length mirror: RMB150
25. White black board (a bit broken): RMB60
26. Shoe stand: RMB100
27. IKEA cooking and eating stuff including kettle, high quality frying pan and saucepans, steamer, wok, bowls, plates, cutlery, cutlery strainer, chopping boards: everything for RMB1,000 or individual items to be discussed.
28. Children's books all imported from the UK: Protected content per book (for ages Protected content
29. Lots of ladies' clothes and shoes: to be discussed

The sale starts now until 24th June. You may call me to make a booking for a visit. I am close to Liangmaqiao (亮马桥), Xiaoyun Road (霄云路)and Solana (蓝色港湾) and will sell on a first come first serve basis.

Please call me or add me on wechat: John: Protected content

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