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BA logistics & Supply chain mgmt looking for job! (Beijing)

Hi there!

I finished my study in logistics & supply chain management last year July, after which i took a year off to travel around the globe. But now i am back, and it is time to start my professional career.

I found China to be an fascinating country while spending 3 weeks as teacher in Nanjing. I'd love to return if possible to spend more time in China to get to know the culture and language more. (Mandarin is pretty tough!)

Sadly i don't have any contacts that can help me. and as foreigner without decades of experience it is hard to find any relevant openings where my CV does not end up in someone's spam folder. So i figured, i might as well try at my old friends at Internations.

If you might know anything, please send me a PM, e-mail or just simply react below :)

Yours, Joost
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