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Bank of China - contact (Beijing)

Hi everyone,
I would like to ask for help: many months ago I had troubles with my Bank of China card (got a 150€ less out of the ATM). The bank there found the indifference and said only the bank in Cn can claim back. So months have gone and it is impossible to receive from my bank in Herbei province (no English). Most of the time I am abroad, so I tryed to call the customer service line and it's a desaster echo, you don't get through etc. I've sent them a mail via their homepage and no answer, neither to my chinese colleague nor to me. People must be more than lazy, I am sorry to say it like this but I've never experienced such a passive behaviour so far. Don't give up the fight! SO - I am looking now for an e-mail address or serious and service-orientated employee of Bank of China. Is anyone having a lead? Maybe in Beijing? Thanks a lot for any suggestion. Cheers

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