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- Please be aware that your IN subscription renews automatically.
- You will receive no warning that the payment is going to be taken from your account.
- The I.N. website design makes it hard to cancel or prevent this.
- If you fail to pay then I.N. will use their carefully-worded T&Cs to demand payment, regardless of your wishes or circumstances.
- They will then threaten to: take legal action against you, inform debt collection agencies, increase the amount owed and harm your credit rating.
- The I.N. organisation is registered in Germany and therefore according to local law there is no "cooling off" period for on-line payments.
- The I.N. "Customer Services" department response will be focused on getting you to pay. They will not enter into discussions or accept reasonable compromises.
- The CEO of I.N. is aware of the above and has hence offered his tacit consent to the chosen path of dealing with these issues.
- You can review many similar stories on TrustPilot and similar review websites.
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- I am happy to amend or remove this review if anyone from I.N. disputes any of the facts described above.

By means of providing a balanced post an I.N. rebuttal to the above can be found here: Protected content

However you'll note that the reply simply defends their legal right to take the payments, it does not address the moral or ethical challenges to their business practices.

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