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Beijing Charity Scavenger Hunt

Are you ready to explore The Capital? Do you want to do that with a bunch of buddies? Do you want to have it veeeery excited and with loughters? Ohh; you want also to help Autistic Children and their families? Here is the opportunity!!! We'll do a "Beijing Charity Scavenger Hunt". We'll form groups of people of each Protected content and you'll have to wander beautiful Beijing to find out the clues, try your best to get through challenging games and work hard to pass through thrilling questions :-)))

Great awards/trophies for the winners? Of course!!!
Media attention? Yeah, they'll be there to have the best exposure
Awards ceremony & dinner & party afterwards? Well, haha :-)) sure!!!
The feeling of "Helping Charity"? Ohh, that's the goal!!!
A little hint of the games? Ok ok, here you are:
* Go to the Tiananmen Square and have a group picture in front of the Chairman Mao picture and have a Chinese old couple playing soccer in that picture :-)))
* Go to any official Apple Store and have a sales person dancing moonwalk with your group :-)))
* Find a Squash racket, a frying pan and red socks and do .......... : Protected content

C'mon that's enough for the hints :-)))

Be ready for Sunday the 6th and start to form up your group already. You don't have a group? Hahh, taht's even better. Meet new people and wander the city with them!!!

Every attendee will be receiving a T-Shirt and those T-Shirts have to be worn during the game, but no worries, we'll keep your clothes safe until you have finished the game. We'll meet at the Turkish Mum Restaurant in Sanlitun and wander then to Wangfujing, Tiananmen/Qianmen area and finish in Sanlitun. The awards ceremony and dinner will be held at the Red Rose Xinjiang Restaurant (You'll pay as you order, quiet reasonable cheap menu). We have many sponsors this time and many prizes will be given to the winning teams. And UBER will deliver us back to our homes and/or next destination by their luxury fleet for free. So, no worries how to go home, as you'll be driven home by an Audi 6, BMW 5 series etc. :-))

It'll be a fun day with some activities, please wear casual and I strongly suggest no high heels.

Spread the info!!! Join the InterNations Charity/Volunteer Group, no matter if you are an Albatross member or Basic member. Anyone can join :-)

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