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Beijing Olympics - what remains?

Today is one of these rare blue sky days in Beijing, and I am talking about real blue sky. Of course, I can't tell whether or not this is in any way related to the hundreds of peasants around Beijing using their Russian flaks to attack any approaching cloud with silver bullets, but I wonder, could there be real sustainable improvement in Beijing because of the Olympics?

I think so, since parks are springing up everywhere in the city. CCTV was talking about the almost incredulous number of Protected content ones they've built or are still building. Traffic - well, there are new metro lines, the Olympic park is supposed to be opened to the public, Beijing's Central Park, in a way and as Colin already reminded us the car restriction policy is still in place. I do hope it remains effective for much longer.

It's a real pity though that the government missed out on the unique opportunity of stressing the public viewing concept much more. It would have brought much more relaxed atmosphere to the whole tight security thing (which of course hints at an interesting opinion the government has of its own people).

All in all, talking about infrastructure I think there can't be any doubt that the Olympics brought some lasting improvements to the city. As for Beijngers, are they more international now, more relaxed about China's status in the world (reassured by 51 gold medals), more confident? I am still exploring.

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