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Camping in China in 2015 (Beijing)

Camping in China in Protected content

I plan to organize several camping events in Protected content .
Site 1: Taihang Gorge in Xingtai, Hebei. You can camp at a cliff where you can have a broad view of mountains and steep gorge in front of you.
2-3 days.

Site 2: Wangmangling in Lingchuan, Shanxi. You can camp in the primitive forest looking at steep cliff and naturally stacked layers of rocks that form some sharp peaks in front of you while listening to the sound of pine forest.

2-3 days.

Site 3: Heyeping and Luya Mt. in Ningwu, Shanxi. You can camp in the primitive pine forest or on the grassland where you can see ranges of lush mountains, horses, ox, small flowers…

If you are interested in camping in serene places,
If you love adventuring in Mother Nature,
If you want to explore further in China,
You are welcome to join!

Contact Jacken at: Protected content wechat: jackenzheng

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