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Cat sitting, cat care and more (Beijing)

Hi ,

I have been living in Beijing for over two years and I adopted two adorable Chinese cats here. I am HR/ Training specialist and I am currently studying to become cat behaviour consultant. My 1st cat had behaviour issues as she was separated from her mother and found when she was only a few weeks old kitten . I started to do more research about feline care an behaviour and I become very interested in this topic.

I would like to have more experience with cats , and I can currently offer basic cat welfare advice on:
- How to groom your cat ( or I can do it for you )
-Dietary advices – how to choose the right food and do not spend fortune on it – I have been feeding my cats mix of no grain dry food and natural cat food , I can even show you how to cook for your cat and how to introduce new food
- How to introduce new cat to the household , with / without existing pets , children
- How to play with your cat
- How to choose right litter box / cat furniture / make your house cat-friendly
- Anything that is new / unclear for you related basic cat care

I can also help with cat sitting while you are traveling , I will make sure your cat is well fed , litter box is clean and I will play with him.

If you have any problems with your cat behaviour – aggression , house soiling, scratching & marking behaviour , I am happy to help you to look at that and it can happen that small adjustments and play therapy would work . It would be free of charge at this stage (while I am studying) .For other services ( as above ) rate will depend on the work that needs to be done and location. I will also give 5% of my fee to local charity of your choice – Little adoption shop or Beijing Cat .

Please let me know if I can help,

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