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Charity donations: old cloths, computers, etc. (Beijing)

Hello everyone,

These next few days, I will be going to an orphanage to donate some children' clothes. If anyone has some used or new children' clothes that you no longer need or that are too small for your child, please donate them. It is getting very cold and the kids in the orphanage will need them. I can pick them up from you and help you give it to them. The orphanage is in Hebei province so a long drive from Beijing.

Adult clothes are also needed. So if you have some clothes you haven't worn in a year or two, likely, you will no wear them again. There are a few charity organizations in Beijing that process donated clothes and distribute them to areas in need. I can also help collect them from you and give them to these organizations. I think it would be more convenient and efficient for everyone.

Finally, another group in Zhongguanchun are repairing/refurbishing old computers and donating them to some schools in remote areas. I am also donating a lot of my company's old computers. So if you also have some out-of-date desktop, monitors or notebooks that are just sitting there accumulating dust or that are no longer functioning, please donate them. We can pick up the computers in one trip.

Please write me an email at Protected content and let me know where you are and what you can donate and I can arrange a time to pick them up.
Volunteers that have a car or time to help with this are also very welcome. I know a lot of organizations are taking donated old clothes but it is such a hassle to get the stuff to them that most people don't do it.

Please tell your friends about this. It takes only a few minutes of your time to post on wechat, weibo or facebook. Thanks.


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