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Children's Private Drama Teacher (Beijing)

Children’s Private Drama Teacher

Location: Beijing, China. Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District.

The "Children's Education Experiment Base" is an experimental education non-profit located in Beijing. Our mission is to educate elite children using both Chinese and American curricula, fostering life-long learners who are independent, creative, respectful of others, and knowledgeable of both Chinese and Western cultures. Our organization is sponsored by Chinese entrepreneurs and ample funds have been prepared. If the school environment we create is a success, it may be a welcome alternative to education for Chinese families all over the world and could lead to commercial projects in the future.
Because this is an experimental organization, your job will be different from that at a typical school. You will need to help with research and development, giving you an opportunity to understand education theory and management. Your class sizes will be small and curricula will be flexible, allowing you to gain experience with the best practices you and the R&D team have discovered. Running activities will also be part of research, as our goal is not just to teach children, but also find the most effective ways of teaching. This is a unique opportunity to grow as an educator.

• English native speaker
• Bachelor degree or above.
• Background in Performing arts preferred
• Experience working with children
• Lively and good at performing
• Open to different cultures and respectful of those from different backgrounds
• Creative, Self-driven, and sincere
• Love working with children and taking on new challenges
• A passion for education

Job description:
• Work with talented Chinese and foreign educators as a R&D and educational team
• Lead after-school activities held from 17: Protected content (such as telling stories, performing, public speaking practice, singing and dancing, arts and crafts, playing board games, etc.) with several children Protected content old).
• You are expected to arrive at 15:00 for meetings, research, and activity preparation. You may have to stay Protected content after teaching if parents are late for picking up their children.
• Monitor student progress and continually develop activities and curriculum
• Monday through Friday

• Salary: 10, Protected content
• Housing: Newly renovated accommodation in downtown Beijing
• Food: Lunch and dinner provided if desired
• Chinese: If desired, free Chinese lessons at the base can be provided
• Vacation: 2 week holiday during Christmas holidays
• Visa: Visa is provided to ensure legal residence
• Free club membership with access to gym and pool
• Touring and activities in Beijing once a week

With a supportive foreign and Chinese staff, we will make it as easy as possible to adapt to your new work environment. We are located in downtown Beijing where both Chinese and Western conveniences can be easily found. Walking from our school and apartments to multiple subway stations only takes a few minutes. Our education base is like a family, and we will make sure to take care of you as best we can!

Meet the team!
Cassie (Chinese)
B.A. in Fine Arts
Tsinghua University (the best university in China)
Hobbies: Reading, traveling, watching movies, tennis
Dreams: To kindle a flame within all learners, to keep growing and gain liberty through knowledge

Nicolas (Chinese)
Ph.D. of Engineering
Tsinghua University
Hobbies: Sports, reading, making friends
Dreams: To discover the most suitable education method for children to help them discover the best of themselves, become life-long learners, and eliminate any limits of their development in the future, while at the same time also growing as people and educators.

Chris (American)
B.A. in Political Science
The George Washington University
Hobbies: Biking, music, basketball, traveling, meeting new people
Dreams: To inspire people to love learning, continue to grow, and to help promote understand between China and America

Carlo (Canadian)
Famous Musician (pianist/singer/composer/producer/song writer)
Hobbies: Martial arts, basketball, music, traveling, etc.
Dreams: To educate people in music, to be able to teach people how to express feelings and develop creativity in music, to be able to freely play any style of music, and to write their own songs!

E-mail: Protected content
Tel: Protected content

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