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China Unicom prepaid SIM card (Beijing)

After buying a China Mobile SIM card upon arrival at the airport, I have now switched to a China Unicom card, because the 3G network of China Mobile is not compatible with my smartphone.

More specifically I bought a China Unicom prepaid SIM card in Sanlitun (by the way, very tough to find the place, seems that prepaid SIM cards are only sold in a handful of places in Beijing).

I paid Protected content and was told the 56 RMB package Protected content , 560MB mobile data) was paid until the end of April. Balance left on the card around 65 RMB.

Now it turns out that as of today, April 1st, I have no mobile connectivity anymore and am getting a message that there is not enough balance on the SIM card to pay for the April 56 RMB package.

Weird, weird, weird. This contradicts what the guy in the shop told me: that everything was paid until the end of April and that I have 65 RMB of balance. This guy made a serious impression, i.e. didn't look like somebody usually cheats people.

In any case, is there a way I can check the balance and status of the SIM card?

FYI, with the previous China Mobile SIM card I got an SMS that the card had no balance. After I purchased a 50 RMB recharge and used it to recharge the card, I got the message that the China Mobile SIM card had a Protected content balance. All this is quite confusing.

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