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Credit Cards in China (Beijing)

There seems to be a regular flow of questions about obtaining credit cards in China. I therefore thought some general information might be helpful to fellow members.

In common with many countries it is often only possible obtain a credit card in one's home country. However, there are certain exceptions.

1) Ownership of property (real estate for American readers) - so if you own an apartment in Beijing your bank will entertain the issue of a credit card.
2) That a Chinese friend or relative with a good credit rating in China guarantee your expenditure (monies spent on a Chinese credit card).

A pre-pay card may be an alternative where the applicant deposits a sum with a bank's credit card department as a security against which a pre-pay Visa or MasterCard can be issued. This is also available in some other currencies in China.

It should be noted that applicants do usually need to be either ‘work permit’ or ‘expert certificate ‘ holders with a Residence Permit Visa, or a Dependant’s Visa in their passport.

The policy on credit cards is not unique to China, as many members will know who have resided in other countries. The policy does of course differ from country to country.

Please note that the aforementioned information is very general and may not apply to everyone. There are and will always be exceptions. As a solutions provider for non-Chinese and Chinese people with a well-established reputation over many years for giving clear honest practical and effective advice, I am well known to many InterNations members in Beijing. If any member needs advice or help in any area please email me in complete confidence at Protected content . No problem is too big or too small. Alternatively, I usually attend the InterNations monthly event in Beijing and am always happy to provide outline advice then.

Regards to all readers


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