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Dance group Activities (Beijing)

Hey, guys, so last time when we did a one hour classes many people had so much fun they felt they could have gone for another hour. Then some didn't come because they didn't feel like it was their style. So........this time I've gone all out and have organised more hours and more styles!

So we're kicking off the new year with a BANG! We have 3 classes over 3 hours for you to choose from, if you want to take them all, go crazy! if you just want to come for 1 or 2 thats great too. As long as we see you taking part and enjoying yourself with everyone else that's great!

6pm - 7pm, Zumba with Nicky
7pm - 8pm, Jazz with Teran
8pm - 9pm, LA style Hip Hop with Teran

Check out dance group 3rd event:
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