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Does anyone know about BaiWanZhuang area ? (Beijing)

Hi guys,

I finally decided myself to write a post in a forum to find ANY kind of possible information about BaiWanZhuang area in Beijing, as I got a job there and will be moving there very promptly... with my little boy.

Have any of you been in this area ? It will be my first time working in Beijing, so I do not know about the distances and about where to situate the lively/city center areas, and I do not know if I should expect finding a place to live directly in this area nearby my company, or if I should live elsewhere...

It is a bit abstract, but I honestly do not know where to start. All I know is that the company is there.

Additionally, how do you expats arrange to have your child in good and reliable hands while you work ? Any suggestion ? (kindergarden, au pair, nanny, communities with other expats' children...).

As a single mum with a salary of Protected content , I know I do not have much for extras... but I know I can organize well with good advice and of course, my child's comfort is the main priority in the budget.

... well, in short, ANY ADVICE about that specific area (BaiWanZhuang) or even in general ??

Thanks in advance for those who will try to reply me as any word is welcome :)

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