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English-Chinese Conference Interpreter Looking for (Beijing)

English-Chinese Conference Interpreter Looking for Cooperation

Jacken is a professional Chinese-English conference interpreter and translator with abundant experiences. He has been contracted by many international organizations and multinationals as a translator/interpreter. He has more than 8 years of experience in translation and conference interpretation.

He has strong experiences in interpreting and translation in the fields of mining, geology, energy, environmental protection, business, healthcare, chemical, agriculture, auto, ICT, industrial technologies, engineering, management, finance, banking, investment, tourism, politics, diplomacy, FCPA and legal affairs.

His experience in the mineral sectors:
Coal mining, gold, lead and zinc, celestite, potash, iron and steel, lithium, boron, hematite, magnetite, iron alloy, magnesium ore, bauxite, phosphate, silica, potash mine, scandium, titanium, titanium dioxide, titanium sponge, rutile, vanadium, vanadium and titanium ore, chrome ore, manganese, cobalt, nickel laterite, nickel sulfate, nickel ore, copper, lead and zinc, gallium, germanium, cesium, zirconium, gold, silver, cadmium, precious metals, rare earth, bismuth, thallium , mercury, platinum group elements, palladium, tungsten, cerium, antimony, indium, molybdenum, tantalum, tin, terbium, ruthenium, rhodium, hafnium, lanthanide metals, rubidium, niobium, beryllium, and so on; underground mine and open-pit mine; geology, exploration and survey, mining and processing.

His experience in the energy sectors:
wind, solar, biomass, nuclear energy, hydrogen and fuel cells, hydropower, energy efficiency, CCS, electricity, energy storage, smart grid, oil, natural gas, shale gas, shale oil, fracturing, tight oil and gas, oil sands, deep oil and gas, and drilling.

His services include:
Chinese-English simultaneous interpreting;
Chinese-English consecutive interpreting;
Chinese-English over-the-phone interpreting;
Chinese-English VIP escort interpreting;
Chinese-English translation;
Mandarin training.

Mr. Jacken Zheng
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