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English Teachers, part time short video work (Beijing)


BoxFish English is looking for a native-speaker English teacher to record some teaching videos on a regular, part time, long-term cooperation basis.

We need excellent, energetic teachers, preferably Canadian or American natives and are willing to pay well for them!

What you will be doing:
We have an app called 盒子鱼 (Boxfish).
Public middle schools are using this app to conduct daily English classes.
And now the students want to learn with some excellent foreign teachers!
We will record some videos with your help, and include the videos inside the app, so that the students in Beijing can learn in a new, better way.

We hope that you have passion in teaching English. You should be energetic and can make the video interesting and fun.
You will watch a video lesson provided by us.
After watching this lesson, you will discuss the video with them and think about how to design some questions for the students.
You may ask them to repeat the story in another way. Or you can ask about some details in the video. Or you can discuss with them about the theme of the video, and talk about the words in the video.
You ask questions and you also give your own opinions.
In this way, we can help the students to learn to think and express in English.
The videos need not to be too long. You only need to record 5 to 6 minutes for a video lesson.

How can we start?
As we are looking for outstanding teachers, we need an interview or a demo video to decide whether you are the teacher we are looking for.
We can give a sample video recorded by our current teacher as a reference.
And we expect you will do better.
Do you know the hostess Jessica Beinecke? She is popular with Chinese children. We will likely become as popular if you have the potential.

Xitucheng Station on Line 10
You can record the video at home or you can come to our office.

200 RMB for a finished six-minute video.
Or you can also charge by hour. Let us know your preference and what you feel is appropriate payment.

We can schedule your work at the time convenient for you.

If you are interested in this position or want to know more information, please contact us! Thank you for your time.
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