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Expatriation anecdotes (Beijing)

Hi everyone!

My name is Merve, I am a student in Intercultural Management and I am actually writing my thesis on Intercultural Communication issues faced by expatriates...

Therefore, I would enjoy having some anecdotes from you to illustrate what I am talking about...

It does not have to be something long or a very big issue, just tell me something fun, different, shocking, difficult, or whatever you have lived and faced during your expatriation in Hong Kong or in China and especially regarding communication issues (no matter if these issues were with the local people or your headquarters...)

You can send me that by e-mail to this address: Protected content

I would also very appreciate if you can just mention "Expatriation anecdote" as object so that it does not risk to be filtered by the server and all messages are gathered in the same folder, it would be great!

Please take it seriously, it is for my end-year thesis and my graduation, so the information's accuracy is very important...

An open-hearted thanks to all of you that will take time for this!

Your help is inestimable for me!



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