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Finding my way round Sanlitun (Beijing)

Hi Everyone,

I am going hoping to find my way to a job interview next week but before I am expected to be there I am hoping to have a practice run this weekend and try to find the building myself.

I have asked the interviewer for some further details on how to find his place but he's away on business at the moment so might not get back to me before I have this practice run.

So, if you know the Sanlitun area well I would really appreciate some pointers. I have done a google directions search and the route seems way too easy. Here's what I have:

I am catching a shuttle bus from Capital Paradise in Shunyi which will drop me off on Liang Ma Bridge.

From Liang Ma Bridge I need to make my way to No.8A Worker Stadium North Road.

Google maps seems to suggest I head down Xindong Road, cross Dongzihimen Outer St. and keep going down until I find the road I need. Along the way I should pass some sort of 'International Wonderland'.

What I would like to know is:

1) Have I got the right drop off at Liang Ma Bridge (google did suggest two)
2) What landmarks can I look out for to help me on my way

Any help at all would be much appreciated. I am rather nervous about making this trip but hopefully it really is as easy as it suggests.



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