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german tutor/playing mates requsted for 6 yrs girl (Beijing)

hi, Dear friends in Beijing Forum,
I wonder whether you could please help me to find someone-female in the group(s), who can afford time for 2 hours during the weekend to teach/ play with my 6 years daughter in Deutsch?
my family used to stay in Bern several years, my daughter attended kita and kindergarden there, she can both German and English. We would like to help her keep and develop her German. She has had one Baselerin as her partime tutor til end of July, however, she has to leave in August. That is way someone else is considered as a successor.
As done before, she had children playing mates from a family from Deutaschland. I take her there in the time appointed. Thus, if simimilia families are highly appreicated to get in touch with for this matter, if they German languages area, Deutaschland,CH, Austrlia, etc.

if you could kindly provide information on that, pls contact me for a concrete discussion.
Thank you very much in advance!

Shengkai und famiiie
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