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Halloween Party 30th, sunshine 100, dawanglu, (Beijing)

Event: Halloween Party(or pre-Yen party if you like)

Who: All those who would not let Halloween go by without grabbing the chance to show off their capacity for bizarre outfits or performance or simply scare the living sh*t out of other people.

Note: In the past couple of parties I held(Christmas and also one last May), my apartment held about 40 people(all standing of course), but with costumes(some of which takes up space I imagine), I am going to guess 35 or so.
Where: Sunshine Protected content No. 1 subway stop(1 stop away from guomao)

When: Saturday 30th,2010; 8 pm to midnight or whenever. those arriving early will get hostess' curry beef, so make sure you let me know if you are coming around 7 or so.

What: 1. Dress, if not obscene, funny, outrageous, or sexy enough, then no entry(unless you bribe Cecilia with a single Protected content bill or excellent, excellent, and I mean excellent, wine)

2. Basic soda drinks, some snacks and a fruit cocktail will be supplied(and most likely only available to those arriving early, unfortunately Cecilia usually do not have pocket or cooking utensils big enough to feed all Protected content arriving, as seen during last few parties)

3. Guests will bring their own beer or wine, as they prefer, or an appetizer, or a salad or a dessert, or whatever they like to eat or drink why gathering up the courage to speak to the gal/guy in the dominatrix leather outfit! And since it is Saturday, you can have chance to cook up a Halloween dish with an eerie name hopefully.

4. most importantly outrageous costumes and music selection welcome too.


How: sign up by writing to me at Protected content

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