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Heading to Beijing!!

Hey Everyone,

My name is Mike Emeny, I am 29 years old and looking to move to Beijing in the coming weeks. My rough aim is Oct 20th.

My wife, Sarah, has flown out ahead of me with our two daughters, Josie and Hannah. She is taking up a full time job in the British School of Beijing.

It's all come about rather suddenly. In literally two weeks the job offer was made, visas arranged and flights booked. I've been left behind to get the house in order and sort out various bits and pieces before joining my family.

In the meantime it's been hard for both of us. Sarah is having to settle in a foreign country, with 2 kids and no husband to help out. Whilst I'm rattling around a very quiet and empty home.

I have been looking into jobs in the area and finding it all very confusing and stessful. I've spent the last 9 years working as a videogame tester for Rockstar Games (GTA, etc.) However I don't see much opportunity in Beijing to carry my skills into.

As an alternative I am considering taking on a TEFL course and seeking work teaching English.

That about sums me up for now. If you guys have any advice at all on how we can get through things it would be much appreciated.

Looking forward to getting to know people and hopefully network in Beijing.


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