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How to cook this delicious~~~ please read it (Beijing)

So many people love Chinese food, and do you know how to cook them?

Are there anyone know Xin Jiang province, which lies in the northwest of China. It is a nice place with so many delicious food and fruits. Such as Xin Jiang big plate chicken( direct translation), rice eaten with hands( direct translation), grape, Hami melon, dried apricot and many more. Most Chinese do know the delicious Xin Jiang food, though they haven't formed a dish style like Sichuan cuisine or Guangdong dish.

Now I would like to tell you how to use the easiest way to cook the Xin Jiang big plate chicken.

Materials: 1 fresh chicken(500g), 4 potatoes, 2 green pepper, 2 red pepper, 1 green Chinese onion , 2 tablets gingers, 5 garlic cloves, pepper (1 soup spoon),15 dry red pepper, 10 clusterred pepper.

Flovoring: oil (6 soup spoons), salt Protected content spoon), white sugar( 2 soup spoons), one bottle of beer

Process:1. Washing the chicken clean, a little drying off the water, and cutting it into bulk.

2.The taste of the chicken is hotter, if you are afraid of the hot tast, you could use less pepper, dry red pepper and clusterred pepper.

3. Before turning off the fire, using the big fire to make the soup thick.,which could make the taste of the chicken and potato better.

4. You could eat it with the Chinese linguine.

5. If you want to try, please tell us how is that going.

If you want to know how to cut the materials, please check the pictures:
Protected content

But the process is some different with the above link's. We use the beer, and it uses the water and soy sause. Using the beer is more delicious than using the water and soy sause.

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